Hosting an International Student

Hosting an international student is a culturally enriching and mutually beneficial experience for both student and host parent. Host parents will gain an in-depth understanding and hands-on personal experience of foreign culture and customs brought by y]the international student, while offering the student an opportunity to learn about American culture. By living with a host family as family member, the student can gain knowledge and experience that cannot be learned in a classroom or from watching TV or theater.

Host families are expected to meet the following qualifications:

  • Owner of individual home, townhouse or condominium
  • Able to pass background check and no criminal record of child abuse
  • Aspire to have enriching intercultural experience with students
  • Provide loving, caring, safe and supportive home environment for teenagers for 10 months of each school year
  • Have a dedicated, separate, and individual bedroom and bedding set for student
  • Feed student like their own son or daughter
  • Treat student as their own family member and child in virtually every aspect of family life
  • Able to provide transportation to and from school every weekday and sometimes extracurricular and athletic activities as necessary after school

We offer a generous housing stipend to host parents to offset the cost of hosting a student.  For more details about hosting students and financial compensation, please contact our local coordinator.

Inquire today about becoming a host family.

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